Posted On 19 Apr, 2014

What is Wayward Terran Frontier?

Wayward Terran Frontier is a series of games taking place on a custom built game engine that all exist in the same game universe and share similar gameplay mechanics.

What is Wayward Terran Frontier : Zero Falls?

Zero Falls is the name of the first game we will be releasing. It is going to be an open ended single player role playing game. Gameplay will revolve around your character who is taken out of cryo-storage and given the task of repairing a space station, building an increasingly powerful series of ships, and ultimately defeating a series of increasingly difficult challenges and enemies. You will fly many different ships and even build your own from technology that you will unlock. The game features exploration, walking around inside massive space stations and battleships, and many forms of unlocks. ship combat features dynamic per-pixel damage and destruction of ship components and subsystems, as well as boarding and crew combat.

What is the Free client?

There are effectively 2 branches of the main game. The free branch is meant to be an engine showcase and a testing environment for modders and tinkerers who want to try out their creations in our custom built space battle engine. It allows you to build ships with the in game editor and then export them out of the game so they can be modified with an image editor, and then you can import them back into the engine and test them in a battle arena. In the future we plan lots of mod support and the free client will slowly evolve into a tool for creating custom user content.

What platforms does the game run on?

right now it will definitely work on Windows 7 and 8. Vista should have no issues but extensive vista testing hasn’t happened yet and I have heard that people are having some minor issues on windows XP, but even microsoft stopped supporting windows XP. A future Monogame port should allow at least linux and mac support, but not until after the Windows release.

Will the game run on my machine?

Wayward Terran Frontier is written using directx and XNA, it looks like simple graphics, but the simulation of ship interiors is actually very CPU heavy and it uses lots of multi-threading optimizations. We need to do more hardware testing to get accurate minimum specs, but right now I do my low end testing on a dual core I5 @2.6Ghz. 2gb of ram and a video card that supports dx 9 and shader model 3.0 should be sufficient.

When is Zero Falls coming out?

The project is relatively new and will take some time before it is ready for testing. I think “when it is ready” will be the best answer I can give for a few months.

Will there be multiplayer?

Wayward Terran Frontier was build from day 1 to include support for multiplayer at every level of gameplay, however multiplayer code takes considerably more time and effort to debug. As it stands the first release will NOT be multiplayer, at least at launch. Hopefully with a successful launch of the first game we will have resources sufficient to give multiplayer the debugging it deserves and add multiplayer to future releases. We want multiplayer as much as you do

Will there be any DRM?

Pff, do you know how hard it is to program DRM? Also, why would I want to cut out my biggest source of free publicity and bandwidth-free distribution (torrents)? If I include anything resembling digital rights management it will be because I found a way to make life easier for the customer by offering automatic updates or other hosted services. Also please remember that Steam is technically DRM, I feel like that needs to be pointed out since many of the anti-DRM folks are also pro-Steam folk.

I have made a video featuring footage from one of your games and would like to publish it with advertisements for the purpose of monetization.

You have our permission to publish and monetize videos of our games on youtube or other video services. I may even add an FOV slider to the settings menu if enough prominent youtubers request it.

The question I wanted to ask isn’t here. Worst FAQ ever!

That’s an exclamation, not a question. We read the forums and common questions from there will get put into this FAQ. I had my email on this page once…then the spam…oh the spam! What was I thinking…