Posted On 14 Jan, 2016


Reason Generator Inc.

Release date:
Feb 11 2016 (Early Access)

Windows x64


Regular Price:
USD $29.99


Space exploration adventure RPG where you command the crew of a massive battleship in a story driven sandbox universe. Work under the guidance of your violent and nihilistic companion to destroy the sensor network guarding a valuable and mysterious planet so you can land there and unlock its riches.


Geek living in the CA bay area quits his posh IT job to develop that space game he always wanted to play because nobody else seems to be making it. First kickstarter was a bust, but it resulted in some extremely passionate team members who insisted on returning to kickstarter for a second more successful campaign. The engine has been developed entirely in-house to solve the challenging problem of simulating a large number of traversable star ships during real time combat in an infinite persistent universe.


Command massive battleships with fully traversable interiors. Assemble a crew and design your own ship. Explore an infinite procedural universe with hand made map and story elements. Unlock new items and technology to improve your character, your crew, and your ship. Interact with a living world. Endure frustratingly hilarious dialogue with many diverse characters ranging from sociopaths to senile old people.



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About Reason Generator

Reason Generator Inc. most famous for not existing until the start of this project is a 1 man shop that spends most of its resources on the twinkies, burritos, coffee, and top ramen needed to sustain its lead developer and only employee George Hultgren for the duration of the Wayward Terran Frontier engine development life cycle and during the production of both Zero Falls, our singleplayer game based on the Wayward Terran Frontier engine, as well as all of the professional-sounding run-on sentences needed for its explanation such as this one.