Posted On 30 May, 2013


 Get the launcher here:

>>>> Launcher Download <<<<

This is a windows zip archive containing the game launcher. It will download and patch the latest version of the free game client from our distribution servers and keep it up to date. In the future this launcher will also distribute and patch other versions of Wayward Terran Frontier including the full release of Zero Falls when it is ready. To run simply extract the files and run Wayward Terran Frontier.exe

We made some sample ships:

Having trouble designing your first ship? Here is a zip file with some pre-built profiles for you. Simply click the “Game Folder” button from the launcher and drag the contents of this zip into the “profiles” directory.

Sample ships zip archive

Get the old crummy version:

On the off chance that someone still wants to play with the old version of Wayward Terran Frontier Open Alpha, this is an archive of that in it’s final resting state. That game is no longer under development as we have shifted all development efforts towards Zero Falls.

Old outdated alpha zip archive