Patch Notes

Posted On 17 Nov, 2014

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  • fixed a drawing bug in ship design that made some floor tiles the wrong color
  • disabled some old useless netcode
  • ship designer optimized to make module deletion much less laggy
  • updated ship designer tile artwork to a slightly higher contrast grid
  • updated word wrapping logic to handle new line characters better
  • reduced barrel length of all 620mm cannons
  • made it easier for AI to guess the range of beam weapons (in some cases this also fixes bugs where they wouldn’t use them at all)
  • fixed a series of bugs preventing gunnery consoles from using beam weapons properly
  • fixed a bug that would sometimes corrupt ship art when breaking into shards
  • added a few new ships and weapons that were featured in the KS video. They might not be in there forever
  • removed some vestigial code
  • fixed a bug where explosions sometimes failed to choose a location and instead exploded at the top left of a ship
  • using cartography rooms no longer crashes the game on exit back to ship
  • main menu was given a proper backdrop facelift
  • projectile turrets now require a reloading period and use ammo from a magazine
  • removed logo from settings screen
  • fixed a bug that caused green turret track indicators to not delete properly with the turret
  • updated the UI element for turret energy readouts. Still programmer art, but much better programmer art and with more information.

Patch just hit as well

had a last minute change of heart and pushed 7 new gun types to the ship editor. Just variations on the existing guns with different stats.

Probably the most interesting change comes from the update to how ammo based turrets work as compared to energy based turrets. Ammo based turrets store a magazine of ammo in the gun and their refire rate is generally not limited during firing. Also they only use energy when reloading and the amount of time it takes to reload depends on how fast they can get energy off the grid. Energy turrets use the old system where their refire rate depends on how fast you can get energy to the mount, however the newest change is that there is no longer any limit to how fast they can receive that energy, so hook up more conduits to make that gun charge faster.

Also that’s just the changes that affect the free client, about 2x as much work went into singleplayer polish and features.