Editor Improvements

Posted On 4 Nov, 2014

I released a few small updates to the editor which didn’t have any patch notes announcement a day or so ago, and just now I uploaded a pretty extensive upgrade. Here are all of the combined changes for versions and available for testing right now.

Bug Fixing:

  • Fixed a rare crash that happened sometimes when a user tries to enter a ship that doesn’t exist. You shouldn’t be doing that anyway!
  • Slight change to texture sampling method used in ship rendering
  • Fixed a bug that was causing ships to disappear when leaving the session
  • Fixed a bug with airlock animations
  • Fixed a bug where pressing “m” to see the map could make it hard to reactivate consoles
  • Fixed a bug where turrets would sometimes instantly face their targets instead of rotating
  • Fixed a bug where inventory screen showed buttons wrong
  • Fixed a bug where changing module category would not change selected brush module in ship design

New Stuff

  • New missile magazine artwork
  • New blue grid textures in ship designer
  • New artwork for all item icons
  • Huge optimization to ship design makes module placement much more responsive
  • I designed a fancy and insanely complex system using cellular automata that displays a power connection overlay on the ship designer. Now you can toggle it to see which modules will get power and which are not connected.

It looks like this:

Power overlay animation

I also made some other progress:

  • Fixed what was arguably one of (if not) the biggest bugs in singleplayer relating to how AI factions move ships around the universe
  • Tweaked some values for AI ship movement and spawn rates
  • Fixed a bunch of other little bugs
  • Started work on getting space farms working again after the singleplayer game overhaul, still lots of bugs to work out for that.
  • Added 2 more ship variants, not that you care since I haven’t even told you how many there are to begin with