Peek at ship modules

Posted On 8 May, 2014

In this rather short post I would like to extend recent “Peek at ship interior”, show you some new interior modules and talk a bit about module tiers.

Preview-enginesHere you can see four engines and three thrusters. These engines are an example of what the intermediary or Mid-Tier engines will look like, but there will be similar engines in the following categories:

  • Low-Tier: Outdated but still common technology, often seen in civilian ships, also used by pirates.
  • Mid-Tier: Modern modules, typical in both civilian and military sectors as long as customer can afford them.
  • High-Tier: Military grade. Using most advanced and experimental technology usually custom made by specific faction for military forces.

Preview-thrustersProgression will be based on unlocks of individual modules or themed groups of modules, and will be in no way locked to a specific tier, so you may have to mix and match modules from different tiers until you unlock them all. Also, while the same module from a higher tier will often be a drop in replacement for the one you’ve already got, we want progression to be more about increasing your options than it is about increasing your power. To this end, you can expect a lot of module variety even inside a single tier, and you will be getting something new or different as often as you will be getting something better.

Also don’t stop exploring just because you have unlocked the top tier of equipment. We have no idea what might be hidden in deeps space…seriously we plan to design that area without looking at our computers.