Peek at ship interiors

Posted On 30 Apr, 2014
quick bash

In Zero Falls, we are going to want the player to spend a little less time designing their ship, and a little more time flying their ship. To that end we are not only working on new modules, but also new rooms and living quarters to make your ship feel less like a design schematic and more like a real space vessel. What that means is that we are making a number of changes in how ship interiors look, and how they function from a design/layout perspective.

The two big changes are how hallways and doors will be laid out, and a new system that allows modules to react to player movement and action directly.

In the future, instead of painstakingly placing each individual wall to make rooms or hallways, they will be pre-made modules that can be placed as a single piece. This allows rooms to feel like rooms instead of feeling like a box with a bed in it, but also we will be able to make new rooms with unique functions and interactions. To give some examples, a medbay might heal the player or an armory might offer storage for handheld items and weapons.


Crew dormitories of various sizes

One of the other benefits for interactive rooms is the ability to animate them and have them react to the player. Here is an example of a navigation/cartography room in different states of animation. You can see how it might look in an unpowered vs a powered state, as well as how it would react when a player enters the room.

In order to keep the art style consistent, we are of course completely redoing all of the ship interior artwork in this style, so you can expect to see more ship interior updates in the future with all sorts of pretty pictures. After all, this is just a sneak peak at our new art pipeline.