Posted On 27 Apr, 2014

I am trying different techniques for creating backgrounds. For game purpose there should be two general types of backdrops:

  •     Deep space – with distant nebulae, mostly dark background with stars
  •     Nebula cores – dense nebula background (free path in nebula is around 5800 km – 3 600 miles) so parallax effect doesn´t make much sense here


What I keep is mind is fact that background should never interfere with readability of combat situation, for background you can see around this is apparently not true so consider them to be quick previews or alpha experiments.

Backdrop  01

Deep space background

Other important factor is density of stars. It should be rather low because of dust in layers near ship. From player perspective “near” dust is important as it gives him feedback about ship movement. Right now it is impossible to determine density of stars as optimal density of dust got to be tested first.

If you like to give feedback or discuss anything about background you are welcome to do it here.

Backdrop 02

Deep space background

Please keep in mind:

Right now, neither of three backdrops shown in this post is finished. Final in-game backdrops should follow these rules:

  • Low number of details AND/OR sharp lines
  • Reasonable density of stars
  • Smooth and subtle color transitions
  • Readability of combat situation is always top priority


Nebula core

Dense nebula