Explaining Turret Arcs

Posted On 11 Nov, 2012

I wanted to do a blog update this weekend, and my play-testers were asking me how this worked, so I am finally going to explain turret mounts and turret firing arcs. I like visual explanations…

The large thing in the middle is the turret mount, and the small things around the outside are the track that the turret rotates on. You can place as many as 16 or as few as 0 track tiles, and as long as they are in the correct spots relative to the turret the gun will be able to rotate in the resulting arc. Right now the only limitation is that non-rotating turrets can only face forwards. Aside from that, you can pick and choose based on space and budget how much your turret rotates by placing these modules. Also the last image demonstrates the locations that each mount will check when calculating it’s firing arc.

Small and medium turrets work exactly the same, except the tracks have to be placed in different arrangements. Large mounts are not in the game yet.

General coding update:

I have made a single player survival mode and an in-game ship editor. I also have all the mechanics for unlocking content in place. This means it’s actually a game now and I have been looking for testers, but not “I want to try the game before it’s released” testers so much as actual “I plan to play this and tell you all the different ways I made it crash” testers. If you think you would be good at making my game crash without developing a grudge against it for being unfinished, you should email me and explain why.