A new direction

Posted On 17 Feb, 2014

So what’s the plan?

I’m working on a number of things, but right now it looks like plan B will be focusing on a singleplayer game built on the existing engine. I’m giving up multiplayer in the short term because it lets me develop at about 5x the rate, and I am going to work on publishing a complete singleplayer game experience for the first paid installation of Wayward Terran Frontier.

This will be a separate program from the existing game client. I have already researched extensively into self-publishing and I plan to accept pre-orders, and maybe even donations directly through this site.

Help with art:

Also, I am looking to partner with an artist who is willing to work long term onĀ  either a revshare or a deferred payment basis. I don’t need a lot of art assets for what I’m planning short term, but long term I want the game to have a consistent style and aesthetic which I think would be best accomplished through a single dedicated artist. I recognize that an artist could seriously lighten the load if they were willing to take the initiative with some elements like settings and characters, and I think working closely with someone would be a lot more fun than working alone.

If you think that should be you then send me a message, but be warned: I will be trying to scare you away. A project like this won’t benefit from casual or half-hearted contribution and I would rather make art myself than change direction every time my contacts disappear. Working with people can easily be more difficult than doing everything myself, so I tend to be cautious with my approach.

About the new game:

The new game I’m working on will take place in the same universe, but at a much earlier point in the story. It will focus on a single character who finds himself stranded in a hostile area of space, and it will have a narrative driven story that will explain the characters and setting and goals. It’s still going to have a very open-ended sandbox feel to it, so don’t worry that I’m removing those parts, the gameplay will just have to focus on a more solo type of exploration and base-building akin to a game like Terraria.

Honestly the prospect of working on nothing but gameplay for a while is very appealing to me, since up to this point I have mostly worked on mechanics. That’s the good news.

The bad news is a full singleplayer experience won’t work very well if it’s received in tiny updates, so you are going to have to wait a while before you get to play with it. I’ll try to keep people updated with what I’m working on, but expect to see less client-updates in the future.

Planned gameplay:

  • hollow out an asteroid to build a space station into your own private fortress
  • resource management with farming, gathering, maybe even crafting
  • crew inventory and weapons, combat inside ships
  • tougher long term challenges and meta-game objectives

Am I stopping work on the free client?

No. I will still release bugfixes, and as I make new mechanical changes to the code I will try to include the free client in some of the fun, however I won’t be focusing on it’s development. If I make any major additions, it will probably be only to support better modding options. Also, during the kickstarter I was working on a number of fixes and improvements, so there is going to be a fairly substantial patch coming out before I officially start work on this new project.

Things to expect in the patch:

  • Bug fixes
  • New resolution and camera control options
  • Optimizations that will allow much larger ships without crashing the game
  • Missile factory module