Status update

Posted On 11 Dec, 2013

Crowd funding has been put on hold by various organizations which will not be named. Apparently they go home for winter break and their 7 business day turnaround times turn into 2 month turnaround times. The truth is, December is probably a bad time to launch crowd funding anyhow, nobody is paying attention at the moment.

Good news! This means I’ve had lots of time to work on the Christmas update, and I am adding more than I thought. Specifically, I’ve been working on a game mode that uses the galaxy map. I am also making budget and tech unlocks meaningful again now that there is actually enough tech in the game to build an entire ship. Originally I disabled this feature because unlocking technology seems silly when the only tech in the game is the bare essentials, but I have had some time to add cool new gadgets since then.

I will try to do a video introduction for the new patch around the same time it releases, maybe a little afterwords so that the really dedicated people can get a chance to make it crash a few times. That way I can get out a hotfix or two before most people try it. The video will also aim to teach the basics of ship design to new players.

Oh, and I need to pick a date for this thing, so I choose the 20th. That’s when most universities will be done with finals. That is also about how much time I need to get it working.