Missile converters and future updates

Posted On 17 Feb, 2018

Good news! We’re still working on cool stuff and I’m here to show off some of our progress. Remember, our goal is to finish up the core story elements so a full play-through is possible. Then after that we will be looking to flesh out content and polish the user experience.

Next large content patch

As in, the one after the one we are working on right now, will take the player into the grey zone of space to go head to head with the full might of the SSC navy. So what are we working on in this patch? Well the loot that’s going to drop of course.

The SSC navy and the grey zone of space represents a new challenge because it is where the tech tree really starts to open up to the player. We are introducing a new never-seen weapon system: drone bays, we are completely overhauling an existing weapon system to prepare it for upcoming loot drops: beam emitters, and we have been fine-tuning and polishing an existing weapon system with new puzzle pieces that the player will get in the grey zone to complete their set: missile systems.

Missile systems

We already have missiles in the game, however without access to a missile factory they may have been more of a secondary system that you wouldn’t have focused a ship design around. We intentionally witheld that module because missiles weren’t complete without first solving an important problem: ordinance selection.

The unique aspect of missiles is that a missile launcher, and a missile magazine, can hold more than 1 type of missile. Specialized missiles for specialized combat roles. However this poses a problem for the developers: how the hell do you choose your ordinance type?

  • Do you have to carry missiles around in cargo?
  • Do you choose from new screen?
  • Do we have to redesign logistics?

After much thought, we concluded that the best solution was the simplest. Both simplest from our side, and from yours: a new module type. This fits with our policy of putting all of the complexity into the ship designer, and then making the ship designer optional for enjoying gameplay.

We do this because we know some of you are engineers, and some of you just want to explore what the engineers have created.

Missile warhead converters

Missile warhead converters are modules which operate on any nearby magazine or missile factory. Their function is to instantly convert the type of ordinance contained or produced inside the that of the converter. They are an activated module, which means that if you have more than one you can use them to swap ordinance on the fly by connecting them to your bridge. However they are also automatic meaning that placing one of them on your ship triggers their activation by default and you can effectively choose the missile type used during the ship design phase.

This also means that in-game ships created by the developers, as well as custom ships in flotillas, can be designed to fire new types of missiles without the need for special scripting or quest logic.

Seen above, in order, are armor penetrating missiles with offset damage that is very effective at hitting the interior of ship systems, and graviton missiles which apply a slowing debuff to the ships they hit, effectively increasing their mass to prevent manuevers. The system allows us to make new missile types very easily.