– patch notes

Posted On 17 Feb, 2018

more bug fixing
  • fixed a bug with the new scrolling menus which prevented clicking
  • set default UI scale to 1 instead of 2
  • fixed a bug with the procedural taxi quest which prevented it from finding your passenger after loading a game
  • fixed a bug which prevented Anna from searching your ship for food when you delivered it to her
  • budd will now spawn in the player’s current session if the pirate home sector grid location was never assigned for any reason
  • budd will now patrol to the player’s location after spawning (where the player is when he spawns)
  • fixed a bug with the kill budd quest which MIGHT have lead to the dialogue happening before Budd actually spawned in some cases depending on the order that things were done in
  • fixed a quest which was failing to load leading to the game saying saves were corrupt. This also gives me an idea for how in the future I might make saves handle quests better