Posted On 17 Feb, 2018

I just spent all night wrapping my head around a bug. I change this line of code and then what happens…Running it through my brain over and over I am pretty sure it’s a big one. This is often what I do after a big content release: I pace back and forth freaking out because some small thing doesn’t work properly and it leads to a bug fixing and polish themed release. is coming. I’ts not the biggest but it has some very highly requested features and some fancy solutions to very common pain-points.

UI Scaling

Since our engine is written from scratch, things like a scaling UI are just things we have to solve the hard way, and after much discussion and debate over how it might be done in a less hard way I eventually just got fed up in the middle of the night and started just adding code manually to scale every element. It will take a while to catch every single element, but I think will cover enough to make life easier for people on 4k screens.

New Music

Chris promised there were new music tracks coming. Much rejoice was had. Now we wait and see.

Solving GPU detection

Jan has done a lot of work on solving issues relating to having multiple GPUs and has come up with a solution which should at least give you more information about what your computer is doing for diagnostic purposes. There’s a lot of hardware out there on the market and I think we are doing pretty good with supporting it. The goal here is to tell the player when their computer has decided to use the wrong GPU until we can get a more long-term solution into the engine by working with hardware manufacturers or doing a satanic blood sacrifice ritual or whatever it turns out to require.

A new workshop feature?

I received a request for the ability to have data logs inside flotillas so that workshop mods can tell their story a little better. I love the idea, and have worked a little on the back-end required to make this happen. I don’t know if it will make it into the patch because my work keeps being interrupted by really interesting bug reports.

Right now an ingame log file is just a text file named in a way that tells the engine what language it is in. The trick will be building a process that allows the player to easily get that item into a flotilla.

Bugs that I think I have resolved

The following are bugs that I think have at least partially been resolved. Sometimes you find code which is clearly wrong and the implications of what that code being wrong could cause are not immediately clear.

  • Taxi quests work now but marv will still try to murder your passenger
  • I am very confident I solved entity duplication
  • I am very unconfident that may have solved entity dissapearance
  • I have no evidence, but there is a chance that I solved ghost ships with strange behaviorss
  • I know that whatever I did should be a slight optimization
  • I have written so many checks and safety measures to ensure the loading loop can’t crash that it had damn well better not crash again