patch notes

Posted On 17 Feb, 2018

another summary of multiple small bugfix patches.


  • fixed a bug with a red zone quest which was not giving its quest reward
  • rewrote the binary format for ships such that a corrupt ship data file can no longer invalidate an entire sector causing the sector to fail to load
  • rewrote the sector loading logic to be more robust so that it can recover from some forms of corrupt data
  • rewrote the sector regeneration logic to hopefully regenerate the contents of a sector if it is found to be totally corrupt
  • fixed the logic for aiming the repair tool when zoomed out


  • fixed an issue where quest rewards from were granted in a way as if they had been programmed by a drunk person


  • player avatar move speed slightly increased
  • fixed a bug with ingame design screen undo feature where everything worked except for the keybind check
  • the SSC shipyard interdiction effect is now produced by a station which can be blown up or sabotaged
  • the SSC shipyard now has fewer patrols
  • slightly reduced the number of fighters involved in the end battle of the SSC shipyard event
  • removed 2 key patrol points at the SSC shipyard which should help guarantee the player has more space to escape
  • bullets fired from guns directly on top of enemy targets now glance off dealing 10% damage
  • fixed a bug with a dialogue that pops up at shops in pirate’s cove that would make shop interface behave strangly
  • fixed an issue that could cause hardware and software cursor to both render at the same time in some scenarios
  • some work on improving quest journal tracking
  • fixed a potential issue with programatic cammera panning
  • fixed a bug with interior screen shot rendering
  • changed how consoles apply crew faction id to ships when they are controlled such that whoever controlls the bridge should more reliably change the faction of the ship to their own faction
  • changed “who’s” to “whose” in a dialogue
  • fixed some issues with the Anna agent giving the correct dialogue