patch notes

Posted On 17 Feb, 2018
  • fixed a bug with the dialogue for the quest to get the first cloning vat
  • added a fix to interior crosshairs
  • added a thread sleep to the loading animation loop to make sure windows doesn’t think the process is stalled
  • added windows dog kicking to the loading loop. In addition to being animal abuse, this kicking of the dog prevents windows from thinking the game has stalled when in reality the game is just doing a long operation such as opening a save file. This change was made in response to reports of the game crashing when loading and saving which we could not reproduce on our end at all, possibly because we have nice fast hard drives

We have done a lot of testing and simply can not reproduce this crash that people are experiencing. I will watch closly to see if any changes are reported after the update. If you are experiencing the crash, please look at the version number in the bottom left of your main menu. If it says and you still get the crash, I want to know about it.