New content is being tested

Posted On 17 Feb, 2018

Our latest batch of improvements and story content updates has gone out to testers on the private test branch. If I receive any positive feedback I will push to a new unstable test branch on steam for everyone to get an early preview and give some feedback, however until I do I will just be debugging and polishing as usual.

New fetures currently being tested


  • Overhaul of save game management with optimized auto-save, save to file, load from file, and the ability to maintain multiple save games at once, as well as all new GUI elements and smaller easier to share save files
  • Red zone story arc. Return to pirate’s cove to start the next phase of the story. No need to make a new save, you can just pick up where you left off.
  • Engine architecture improvements. We added the ability to force the regeneration of key story sectors inside an existing save so that we can add more game without forcing you to remake your save
  • New GUI. Like, so much of the GUI has been redone you will just have to see it. Still working on more.
  • New ships and new tech. In addition to new story content in the red zone there are also new rewards.