Upcoming content

Posted On 17 Feb, 2018

The last few updates have focused very heavily on the engine and on the polish, so we are delighted to be spending a large amount of time on the story progression for the current update. Lets preview some of the things that are coming.

Red Zone Storyline completed

Our first goal was to move the game’s storyline through all of the red zone so that you can play up to the completion of all core redzone content. This work is essentially done at this point, but has not been debugged or fully tested.

The red zone includes a batch of new characters, about 500+ lines of dialogue, and many new missions with a big emphasis on space combat. It also comes with a significant leap in available technology and ship hulls, only some of which is currently available in the red zone’s current unfinished state.

The story will have you uniting the forces of the red zone against a common enemy…or just killing lots of them for fun and profit. It’s hard sometimes to draw a line between these moral grey areas, and where the pirates live everything looks red.

We also wrote a new algorithm for forcing areas of your save file to regenerate themselves when upgrading a save file to a new version. This gives us the power to change the layout of key storyline terrain such as the pirates’ cove which now has a warp gate in it. It’s also probably the only core engine feature we worked on, since the emphasis has been on new story content.

Grey zone under development

Under development right now is the zone which will come after the red zone story content, pitting the player against the core SSC regions and even more new characters.

Note that this process requires not just mapping, but designing characters with unique personalities, goals, interests, and varieties of alcoholism. I’ve mapped out the plot for 5 more games worth of story in the big picture, but in order to actually write quests and dialogue we need to hammer out the small details of the story and that takes time.

Oh, and by the time we are done with the grey zone the player should expect to have the entire tech level 2 unlocked so we can finally start moving into the more interesting stuff that Jan has saved for the end in order to motivate himself.

Or put another way, while this image continues to grow on the bottom half…we aim to have the entire top half (plus all the secret stuff not pictured) available to players by the time this update is released.

Also in the works


  • We’ve looked into unique missile types and are working to add a module which will finally solve the problem of choosing what type of warhead will go onto your missiles. This will allow new missile variants like cluster missiles, incendiary warheads, emp warheads, etc. We have more ideas than we have time to explain but suffice to say we’ve figured out how you will select and fire different types of missile in the future.
  • Fast travel inside space stations. People complained about how long it takes to walk through stations, and I hate those people because now Jan has produced a series of modules to solve the problem which I will have to code. Thanks jerks! Anyhow, it will improve the overall aesthetics of station interiors while giving a nice convenient way to move around stations so I only complain in jest. Besides, it’s not too far of a stretch to imagine real stations having a form of subway connection between distant locations, I mean who wants to walk all the time?
  • Some work has been done that might potentially lead to huge future improvements to the crew and monster animation system. If it pans out, it would allow us to easily make better animations for things and that means it isn’t such a burden to have more than 1 monster type.
  • New ships have been made. Some of which will be available in the next update. Also some unique story-specific color variants are being thrown in to mix things up. Hope you like your ships covered in pink hearts. ;)
  • New interior modules for station interior beautification have been worked on.
  • A polishing pass has been done on prefab designs to make early game space dungeon less frustrating in the average case and to make late game locations feel just better overall.
  • We work on whatever we feel like working on, so probably other things will make this list once we are ready to release


When will we get this content?

Although it is obviously not public knowledge when a steam sale may or may not happen in the future…it is often the case that sort of thing takes place with greater frequency as the year approaches its end. Today is an excellent example, however the future holds even more. It is often our goal to push out content slightly before one of these events so as to maximize our potential impact on your unwitting bank accounts.

While we can’t disclose what may or may not happen around the winter holiday months, we can disclose that our developers are working their butts off to be free from the burden of this patch by the time the eggnog starts flowing.