Posted On 17 Feb, 2018

Well that was a fun round of debugging, think we got some good ones both with new content and with old bugs that have been causing instability forever.

here’s the latest change notes:
  • fixed a bug where missile mastery values were multiplying by 0.2 instead of 1.2 causing missiles to go crazy slow
  • fixed a general error with the mastery screen that caused mastery points to not apply their effect when leaving the screen
  • fixed a bug where the captain’s log was eating some items if you right clicked them
  • background rendering performance cost reduced by aprox. 25%
  • increased the brightness of the home sector
  • fixed a bug where health regen and oxygen regen was calculated every frame instead of every second
  • NPC ships owned by the player will not try to avoid overlapping other ships
  • ships do not try to avoid overlapping with other ships while they are trying to dock
  • fixed a bug with smart launched missiles mastery talent

What we would really like to do now is switch modes and start development on some new content again, which means ideally the next patch will be and will contain fun new stuff that will continue the story and make the game suck less. That’s going to be our plan unless something really urgent comes up and needs to be fixed asap.

Our plans for the next update include lots of new ships, new modules, new zones, and the continuation of our game’s story. We also will probably make the early game experience suck less with a new scripted event and some UI work, but the main focus of the next update is the core storyline content. Looks like I’ll be writing some more dialogues.