Posted On 17 Feb, 2018

I push fixes out when they are ready so sometimes we go through a lot of version numbers and I condense the patch notes by combining notes from 2 or more small updates into a single announcement.


  • ship AI now makes a slightly better attempt at avoiding being directly on top of other ships
  • fixed a bug with ship AI that caused them to want to be very close to their enemy
  • added an interactive legend to the universe map
  • fixed a bug with the rendering of crew armor with a lot of shield points
  • fixed an art asset with some invalid pixel data
  • simplified some code that was used for managing video memory in the hope that the mysterious missing layers bug will go away
  • fixed a bug that was causing ship unlocks to have invalid designs


  • added a Camera target lock mode which will make the camera track your current target
  • F1 help overlay updated to include targeting system information
  • added a mouse-over tooltip to targeting when hovering your mouse
  • fixed a bug where everett’s coherence crashed the game
  • fixed a bug where you could see tool tips for invisible warp gates
  • the quest that tells you to check bars now goes away if you unlock a crew member
  • updated the tooltip of a debuff with a timer to display text better
  • fixed a bug with quests in general that was causing memory leaks when loading the game