Posted On 17 Feb, 2018

We’ve had this build live for testing internally for multiple months and almost all of these bugs were reported in the last 24 hours so we are rushing to respond. Don’t worry, I have lots of coffee available. changes:


  • fixed some sector declarations without backdrops, mostly gate systems
  • fixed a bug with sessions that caused the warp gate popup to blink irritatingly changes:


  • increased the spawn chance of mission npcs, but only after the player has done the SSC shipyard event
  • fixed a bug where trying to enter a ship via EVA when multiple ships are overlapping your current position could end up choosing an interior coordinate based on the wrong ship and dump you into space
  • made cluster damage less…extremely unreasonable
  • rail arrays and vulcan guns slightly rebalanced
  • the process of unlocking ships from flotillas was upgraded to more gracefully handle incomplete ship profiles that are missing artwork such as their emission layer
  • fixed an issue with multi-session logic that prevented bullet collisions and bullet cleanup inside nearby sessions
  • fixed a bug where researching a corrupt ship file from a flotilla could make future games crash when loading saved designs. The corrupt design is simply omitted now.
  • sector terrain loading now prints out the nature of the exception that caused an error in the hope we can figure out why, assuming it wasn’t already fixed by one of the above changess changes:


  • fixed a bug in how engineering room power routes were loaded from save data that caused some sectors to fail loading if they had a station with an engineering room in them