Posted On 3 Jan, 2017

3 small bug fixing updates went out over the last few days. I’ve not gotten around to uploading the notes because it’s the holidays so leave me alone. Here they are!

  • fixed a bug where the hover text for warp gates was crashing the game

  • monsters will now wander around aimlessly inside stations when nobody is visiting and will no longer be found in the same place they were when you left
  • significantly increased the number of monsters that spawn in most space dungeons
  • reduced the ratio of monster spawners such that there will be less than before
  • fixed a bug where icons could draw outside the boundaries of the mini-map
  • gate defenders no longer spawn directly on top of the gate
  • fixed a bug where higher difficulty gate enemies could spawn on top of each other which sucks if they are turrets
  • fixed a bug where warp gates were not being detected correctly by the universe map after their first use
  • added code to mitigate the effect of a bug that will likely prove very hard to hunt down. It was causing low FPS. The low FPS has been reduced for now while I hunt for the bug’s source.
  • asteroids were made slightly less bouncy for AI ships. They need help because they are dumb.
  • the monster spawning algorithm now tries its best to not spawn monsters near airlocks
  • reduced the aggro radius of ships that patrol inside dungeons to be on a similar order to the size of the room they are patrolling
  • increased the harvest value of crystal genes so it’s less difficult to get a single crystal from harvesting them
  • fixed a bug where loot wasn’t being properly placed inside ships spawning in the current session. This also fixes a bug where space dungeon defender ships would have no loot.
  • added another orange zone prefab type
  • updated the tool tips for crystal components to say “crystal gene” on them so you know what they are
  • fixed a bug where space dungeons didn’t remember that they had spawned things already if you reload the game from a save file
  • the new movement changes have made it very hard for the AI to dodge rocks during time compression. I like the new movement system, so I am removing the time compression component from travel drive and returning it to a simply go faster drive.

  • Monogame simply does not provide support for drawing chinese text characters. In order to display chinese text we would need to extend the monogame framework or replace our text rendering with a different framework. This can cause crashing when (for instance) a number or a date was being rendered in game.
  • every instance of debug string drawing was rewritten to protect against drawing invalid strings. It will no longer display the string at all.