Posted On 18 Nov, 2016

More debugging and QOL improvements.

  • re-researching a ship design now has the authority to add the interior design to an existing hull and will no longer cancel entirely if the hull already exists unless the interior also already exists
  • added a complicated and fancy system to verify unlocked hulls against unlocked research and update the default designs of ships when the source art changes. Note that since this system is modifying what amounts to user submitted content the process is non-destructive. The existing default profile will be moved to a variant profile so that nothing is lost. This also means that ships unlocked by using debugging commands to spawn external assets will no longer prevent research blueprints from adding their designs
  • improved the algorithm that decides which hulls you are allowed to spawn from previous games to use similar rules to the design screen. You should be able to spawn any design that you could reasonably have made in the design screen, plus a few additional exceptions which have been allowed for quality of life reasons. If you find designs that really ought to be spawning that you can’t spawn then tell us and we will look into it.
  • fixed a bug where station shop inventory data was saved with an invalid data type which could result in shop inventory refreshing when it wasn’t supposed to
  • fixed a bug where a very specific map node type could cause a crash