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Posted On 17 Nov, 2016

Some more bug fixing and small back-end feature changes in this batch

  • fixed a bug where scrapping a ship always unlocked a new variant
  • fixed the boulder yet again
  • fixed a bug where ships without navigation consoles never updated their bounding box

  • wrote an entirely new system for icons in the mini map and the universe map which uses extension data and allows icons to be added to any prefab. Note that while this change will allow us to do all sorts of cool things in the future, it does have a negative side effect on existing saves. If you load a save under this patch you will have an icon-free universe map until you start a new save.
  • increased frequency of pirates in the orange zones
  • fixed a small bug with how pirate ships are spawned that may have had unexpected results
  • fixed a bug which could cause a crash when a ship was actualized due to a broken cargo bay being counted improperly