Forums tempoarily(?) down

Posted On 12 Apr, 2016

The hosting arrangement for our forums has always been a bit strange, but now it seems they have suspended our forum database service and restructured their website.

I have an open support case with them, however I’m a little worried about the status of my account. Our forums run on horrible technology, and so it should be no surprise that it requires a horrible database. Honestly, managing this forum has been no end of nightmares. What that means is that Azure doesn’t provide the database needed to run our forums and Microsoft was kind enough to contract out that hosting to a 3rd party which made an account for me and allowed me to control my services via their website. Their services are also way more expensive than Azure because they are hosting MySQL servers which is a silly thing to do and is only used by silly websites like our forums.

Well I don’t know if Microsoft has stopped dealing with them, or if they simply decided to restructure things internally, but now my account with them seems to fall into the category of “illegitimate azure plebeian” and they have suspended my insanely over-priced, hilariously under-powered forum database unexpectedly. Or maybe it is in relation to a bizarre $1 charge that failed to process in mid 2015 some time even though they have had no issue collecting my normal fees much more recently. I can’t even access my account information beyond the ability to view billing statements, and I believe it is because my account with them was a fake Microsoft-partner surrogate account to begin with.

So under the assumption that I will need a legitimate account to deal with them I am now going to contact their support with the most unanswerable of all support questions: “Hi, I never had an account with your company and yet I have a database on your servers through an out-dated partnership program which has been suspended…can I get access to that account? I can prove I am who I say I am, but you will probably need to talk to Microsoft support to verify it.”

I’m sure that will be fun.

Maybe this is a sign that it’s time to find a better solution for our forum software needs. I’d really like to be dealing with not this at the moment. If you’d like to contact me on some sort of forum, to gripe about the fact that the forums are down, I will be watching the subreddit and the steam discussions while waiting for a response to my support ticket.