Posted On 26 Feb, 2016

Sometimes fixing a bug reveals a new one. Station airlocks are fixed in this version, here’s why it happened and why we didn’t catch it:

Changes in response to feedback

We had gotten feedback that it was hard to tell if a hole in the side of your ship was large enough that your character would fall out and die. This lead to frustration because people were stepping on a crack and being ejected into space unexpectedly. As a result we made 2 changes. First we changed how our shader worked so that tiles beyond the threshold of “hull breach, you’re gonna fall out” were completely invisible. This change made it more visually obvious that there was a hole you should avoid stepping on. However at the same time we decided to make it a bit more forgiving when standing on partially broken hull segments and upped the number of broken tiles under the character from 2 to 3.

So what went wrong? Well, walking into the airlock of a ship is pretty much the same process as falling out of a hull breach. This obviously shouldn’t be an issue ever because stepping outside of a ship means there are 4 tiles under you that should all be open space, thus you will “fall” into the other ship. The issue arose because there was a bug in how we calculated what tiles the player is standing over when the player is outside the boundaries of a map…in other words when their position is fully illegal. There was also an issue with the station assets where those ships didn’t have any space outside of them meaning anything beyond their airlock was an illegal position.

The hilarious result was players walking free outside their stations for long periods of time. Why did it happen? the two unexpected bugs combined forces. When the player was in illegal territory, the position bug pretended that they were in legal territory and everything seemed like business as usual. They can only get into that illegal territory in certain maps that are made improperly, so we didn’t catch in when testing properly made maps.

So is a quick patch to fix bugs introduced via or a quick patch to fix bugs that we didn’t find until was released, depending on how you look at it.

  • Fixed a bug where you could get trapped in some stations if their map is made in a certain way
  • Fixed a bug where some vanity items were displaying with the wrong art
  • Fixed a bug where asteroids were not glowing white when zoomed out