Posted On 25 Feb, 2016

Steam key distribution system has been negotiated and is beginning development probably starting next Monday. We are looking at an ETA of 2-4 weeks with a strong “ish” at the end for good measure. In the mean time we haven’t been digging into any large content projects and have instead opted to make small, more manageable changes and fixes for now. Here are some of those.

  • you now only fall out of your ship once 3 out of 4 tiles under your character are hull breach tiles (up from 2)
  • fixed a bug which was preventing the horrible murder of your friends during occasions of your unexpected respawning
  • fixed a bug where autosave was removing missiles from missile tubes
  • tweaked the shader to make it more obvious when a hull breach is large enough to fall out of
  • added module unlocks to the list of stuff which is persistently unlocked outside of singleplayer
  • all persistent unlocks are now applied to your new and in-progress singleplayer games which means restarting singleplayer doesn’t force you to lose module or turret unlock progress
  • fixed a bug where some ships would glow unreasonably when zoomed out
  • fixed a bug where your character wasn’t always cloned with the correct attention to modern space-captain fashion sense
  • marv has been given a different color shirt to better suit his disposition
  • all ships have been upgraded with the most primitive system for avoiding deadly asteroid collisions and will no longer allow you to warp into terrain at full speed.
  • auto saves are no longer triggered when entering your home station. This prevents redundant saves when respawning and allows you to game the save system by force quitting (may lead to save corruption) Note: this was added in response to feedback. If it creates more problems than it solves we are not apposed to removing it in response to feedback.
  • quicksaves (if you use them) are now different from auto saves and you can use them to return your save to the state of your most recent manual snapshot. Warning: this will override any progress in your (usually more recent) auto save.
  • NEW: added a new screen to handle choosing which save you would like to load. This screen is not complete in terms of final functionality
  • fixed a bug in the battle testing arena where clicking on the invisible research icon would crash the game
  • slightly increased vertical padding of buttons in the keybind screen
  • fixed a bug where the repair gun would often choose to attempt repairing invalid tiles causing the repair process to take far too long
  • buffed repair guns again. increased both base repair rate and scaling with loot quality.
  • cleaned up and optimized a minor data structure that gets used a lot by every ship (removed some deprecated code and data structures)
  • NEW: added a mini-map to the ship interior view which shows the layout of your ship, damage, and crew locations in real time
  • NEW: added a help overlay to the ship navigation screen that explains functions and icons and keybinds when the user holds the F1 key