On Steam keys

Posted On 16 Feb, 2016

In which I spend today typing an article instead of working on steam keys.

How my time is spent these days

I woke up this morning with a big todo list for setting up steam key distribution. I have been putting together plans and testing things over the last few days, I needed sleep because the next step is a big one that will require all of my brain powers. however when I checked my email, steam comments, skype, kickstarter, my other email, personal messages on various chat applications, our forum, youtube, my 3rd email, the tester group, etc… it seems everyone has something to tell me. Many of them are telling me about bugs, many of them are complaining about how/why the game sucks, but most of them are yelling about steam keys.

So here I am explaining what I’m doing instead of doing it. We’re working on steam key distribution, it’s all we’re working on.

If you’re one of the people messaging me to tell me about urgent features you need added, sorry I’m not working on that right now.

If you thought I should know why you refuse to buy the game because of how it pisses you off etc, well I’m just going to have to roll with the punches right now because there are people who don’t hate the game and they need their steam keys.

If you’re one of the people messaging me to tell me about bugs…well damn I really want to be working on that and the fact that there are bugs really kinda drives me crazy, so please bear with me here and understand that I we’ve decided even some critical bugs are currently less important than getting steam keys to people.

Is your save game getting corrupted still? See that’s the only thing that was a higher priority than steam keys, and right now I really need to work on steam keys, so if you could just not have that problem, that would be great.

The steam keys problem is a problem with the website/store and since Reason Generator doesn’t have a website/store programmer on call, that’s my job. The same guy who fixes bugs with the game and responds to your angry emails. The same guy who is supposed to be putting new finished music tracks into the game and writing the dialogue for a new character so there can be more than 1 crew member.

There really ought to be more of me so this can all get done faster, I’m aware, I’ll add that to my todo list. Until then, I ask you to please be patient, or at least understand that the hundreds (thousands?) of unanswered comments and emails are a sign of progress, and not a sign that we have run off to Tahiti with our kickstarter money.

If you are wondering why we don’t just email steam keys, the answer is that there are too many targets. This problem will take less time to automate than it would take to do by hand. If we started emailing steam keys today, we would have the initial batch to you in a week, but by then there would be a new batch that needed them. We would never stop sending emails, and it’s all we would do from now on. Besides, we have some really fancy ideas of how to get them to everyone gracefully which should even cover new purchases…we just need to test our ideas and see which of them stick once thrown against the wall.

So if you don’t mind, I’m going to turn off notifications for a few hours and look into building a website today. I’ll try to keep you in the loop with regards to how this system is coming together.