Posted On 13 Feb, 2016

Some new patch notes.

  • buffed the quantity of all loot drops
  • decreased the chance for loot drops to be junk
  • decreased the chance for data core to contain junk
  • increased the chance of finding data cores
  • added a new tier 1 ship spawn type
  • increased the density of tier 1 ship spawns
  • data cores can now sometimes drop tier 1 ship blueprints
  • reduced the amount of time it takes to complete some tutorial objectives
  • air is now saved for all ship interiors always
  • improved the performance and stability of the quicksave function a lot
  • added auto saving to the game. It saves when you change ships
  • fixed a bug with the repair gun where some tiles could be repaired at infinite range
  • the repair gun can no longer repair tiles which aren’t connected to anything because they would simply break off and fall out into space
  • air visualization upgraded with better shader effects
  • interior rendering slightly optimized