– notes

Posted On 26 Jan, 2016

Some small bug fixing and a bit of new content in this patch.

Note: none of these should break existing save games

  • fixed a bug that might lead to a crash if you are playing around with spawning a custom ship and decide to roll your face across the keyboard suddenly
  • added a new module type to the game – an activated module that provides a temporary bonus to your ship’s lateral thrust
  • added a fire extinguisher inventory item type and activated effect to the game, but it has no animation so won’t be put into loot tables yet
  • you can now select the first 4 item slots in your inventory via the same keys used to activate ship modules 1-4
  • added code for a new type of nano aura which benefits beam weapons
  • added some new engines
  • fixed the offset on a beam emitter emission point
  • added a new radiator type
  • engines now have a glow effect added to their animation when they enter travel drive
  • added a screen shake effect to the ship interior when taking heavy damage
  • when a duplicate ship id value is detected, the new ship will now fail to spawn instead of replacing the existing ship
  • made ship id generation more thread safe to prevent duplicate id assignments
  • added some new weapons with new particle effects
  • fixed a flak turret research tooltip text
  • added 12 new turret types to singleplayer research loot tables
  • overhauled an SSC frigate design to modern module standards with sensors and shields and a new module unique to that ship
  • upgraded a pirate variant with a new module unique to that ship

  • Disabled the sound effect for thrusters because it was causing a crash in OpenAL code when there were lots of 3d sound effects…I hope some day we can find an audio library that simply works, but I’m not making any bets.

  • fixed a crash caused by the combination of ships breaking and crew being positioned illegally
  • fixed a bug that prevented ships and wreckage from despawning
  • save games are now a little more respectful of ship id values