– notes

Posted On 13 Jan, 2016

More bug fixing and a few small new features.

  • prevented a potential crash bug by giving a default value to a variable in turrets that should never be zero
  • fixed a bug with the station upgrade quest which invalidated save games, existing saves should now load properly so you can pick up where you left off
  • I think I fixed that damn screen resize bug where the screen is full size but not centered on launch

  • cleaned up a minor bug with crew selection that likely didn’t cause any problems
  • fixed a potential integer overflow caused by giving crew orders outside the bounds of the map
  • since I found the correct way to get monogame to resize a window in I now commented an extra call to resize() that is no longer needed
  • fixed a bug with pathfinding where sometimes not enough potential destinations would be explored in order to find a final destination
  • fixed a bug with crew team members where they would use the wrong pathfinding function when trying to change ships
  • you can now select crew members by clicking their portrait in the crew team widget
  • your crew can now be ordered to stay in a ship other than the one you are currently in
  • you can now order your crew to move to another ship by using the crew command hotkey on an airlock icon…yaharrr!
  • you can now tell your crew to return to your current ship by clicking the <placeholder> icon on the crew team widget
  • spawning a ship now orders your team to board that ship and stay on it until told otherwise
  • fixed a whole series of bugs caused by the thread manager not rebooting when using the quick save option
  • being “invisible” inside your own ship after going through an airlock was fixed by the thread manager rebooting fix
  • phantom ships which stopped updating after a save was fixed by the thread manager rebooting fix