Steam release and price

Posted On 12 Jan, 2016

Time to talk about the future of Zero Falls…n’ stuff.

Upcoming steam release

Well, I guess it’s about that time. If it were up to me I would probably hide in my hole programming until the entire dev team died of feature creep, but we all agreed on a steam release date months ago and that means I need to do business-pants stuff for a while. So, the first order of business, the official steam early access release date: February 11th, less than one month from today. This probably isn’t much of a surprise, because we have been in the “coming soon” box on steam with “Feb 2016″ for a while now, so only the 11th is news.

So in summary:

  • Official Steam release date – Feb 11


Official final price announcement

Next order of business, settling on the final price of this thing. $20 is what we have been selling it for, and it has honestly been kind of a mess in terms of bugs and features thus warranting the low price. Going into early access comes with a series of fancy content and bug fix patches that makes a step towards improving that, but probably not enough to justify a price increase. We are however planning to be working on this game for a very long time, and it is sort of a massive project, and as a result we have had to make some hard decisions about what we think the game will be worth years from now when it is finished. Our decision? We’re changing the official price to $29.99 complete with misleading 9′s which make it look like less than it actually is. The good news? We are going to offer lots of early adopter discounts and promotional sales, so if you never got a chance to pick the game up there’s no need to freak out about missed opportunities because…the game is currently on sale!

So in summary:

  • Official price $29.99 across all platforms.
  • Expect sales and discounts during development.


Steam keys for existing customers

Final order of business: steam keys for existing customers. This is our current top priority in terms of development, and all I’m willing to say right now is that we will get steam keys to existing customers if we have to manually email every single one of them…however manually emailing keys to people would be a huge logistics nightmare, so please do be patient while we figure it out. Right now the only thing that is a higher priority than getting steam keys to existing customers is making sure that steam actually works for customers who purchase the game there.

So in summary:

  • If you purchased the game you will get a steam key.
  • We’re working on the details.