– notes

Posted On 10 Jan, 2016

These were small updates so I combined the notes

  • fixed a bug where leaving a ship sometimes caused an important value to be null preventing animations and potentially leading to a crash
  • fixed a bug where crew team members could get trapped on stations when the stations stopped updating internally

  • Complete overhaul of all audio…again. Lets hope it sticks this time, I’m seriously sick of this.
  • fixed a bug where the character might be able to double switch ships if the walk button was held down leading to them being in the wrong ship and invisible or broken
  • fixed a bug where mount menu icons could overlap in the logistics screen
  • fixed a bug where drop down menus in the logistics screen would draw underneath other UI items
  • music is currently disabled until we can get ogg support to work. We are working on an upgrade to our framework, and that means we need to debug something with regards to loading the external libraries.