Posted On 16 Sep, 2015

You click, read things now.


  •  GPU particles
    • See the article on why they are so awesome.
    • GPU particles can now exist inside ship interiors or in space with fancy camera stuff set up for both scenes.
    • Added a new type of bullet animation that spawns a trail of GPU particles.
    • Created a fancy animation for the repair gun using GPU particles so you can tell when things are being repaired. No more random tiles appearing while your character stares into space.
    • Created a flak turret effect using GPU particles.
  • Procedural GPU planets
    • See the article on why they are so awesome…or just fly around and look at them I’m a website not your mom.
    • Added 2 custom planets to the singleplayer game areas including the start sector.


  • Small turret installations were made a bit more durable.
  • Docking ports now start closed on all AI ships until you shoot them, which will also piss them off making them harder to capture by walking inside uninvited and shooting everyone.
  • Freelance civilian ships will now turn and fight if you irritate them instead of just shooting at you while going about their business. Should make them a bit more dangerous since a lot of them only have front facing weapons.
  • Really big T1 ships were made a bit more rare.
  • Really big T1 ships don’t spawn in the start sector any more.
  • SSC ship spawning behaviors set up.
  • Freelance ship spawning behaviors set up.
  • Pirate ship spawning behaviors set up.
  • There are now crew armor types with O2 storage. No UI element for it yet, but you will take much longer to suffocate when wearing a suit with O2 storage.
  • Removed some old placeholder artwork structure items.
  • Cargo can now be extracted from ship wrecks with no crew and no airlocks – activating the cargo scoop near them will dump their cargo into space.
  • Introduced a new item type: the repair gun. It replaces the old method of repairing ships and all crew have one by default.
  • Created flak turrets and added them to loot tables.


  • Converted all unique identifier types to 64 bit allowing roughly 18,446,744,073,709,486,080 more ships to be spawned before an address conflict occurs as compared to the old version.
  • The player’s character is now saved more robustly and corrupt save files should be less likely to result in losing your inventory or crashing.
  • Spring code cleaning has come late, tons of code was cleaned up for my own sanity and to make debugging easier in the future.
  • Save game information now contains the status of a ship’s airlocks. (closed or open)
  • Max zoom value tweaked.
  • Min zoom value tweaked.
  • Changed the field of view values for our “completely real and authentic 3D” perspective projection.
  • Unlocked camera mode now scales with zoom again so you can look around farther when zoomed out.
  • Engines now dynamically scale back thrust in response to low energy instead of turning on and off so diverting power to engines will actually make your ship go faster now.
  • Missiles no longer aim for the center of every ship and their flight AI has been made a little less deterministic in other ways as well.
  • Scene transitions from sector to sector are now blended better to prevent backdrop popping.
  • Turrets now make bullets aware of what point they were aimed at so we can do all sorts of cool things with bullet mechanics.
  • Created a type of bullet that detonates near where you aimed for flak turrets.
  • Fiddled with logistics screen zoom.
  • Backdrop extensions modified to operate in 2 steps to allow bloom and light shaft extraction before drawing foreground objects in backdrops. Translation: backdrop parallax objects can now create light shafts when passing in front of bright objects.

Bug fixes

  • Some random fixes that may slightly reduce the chance of random crashing due to NaN variables were made in crew AI
  • Made a corrupt save even less likely to crash on load.
  • AI ship movement was further refined to prevent fast ships from overshooting or circling their destinations forever.
  • Found out that normalizing a zero length vector causes NaN errors…who would have guessed?
    • fixed a bug where a ship’s position could become NAN when updated in the world map outside of the session.
    • fixed a bug where a missile that starts at zero speed would start with NaN position and disappear.
    • fixed a bug where a ship’s position could become NaN when trying to slow down if its top speed is zero.
    • fixed a bug where a ship’s position could become NaN if the AI is trying to fly towards the center of the system.
    • fixed a rare bug where a ship colliding with an asteroid at the exact same location as that asteroid could result in NaN position for the ship.
    • fixed an extremely rare bug where a bullet’s position could become NaN if you fire it with zero velocity.
    • fixed a rare bug where AI crew and monsters could potentially crash the game when testing line of sight due to NaN.
    • I think I probably fixed that damn NaN bug that causes a crash with crew pathing.
    • fixed a bug where a shard would get NaN position information if an explosion impulse happened at the exact same position as the shard.
    • fixed a bug where a ship would get NaN position information if an explosion impulse happened at the exact same position as the ship.
  • Fixed a bug where ship fires would stop and restart their sound effect constantly, this would also degrade FPS in burning ship interiors and cause horrible sound artifacts
  • Fixed a sound bug with airlock doors.
  • Fixed a bug where ships patrolling to a destination would instead patrol to the center of the system when in the same system as the player.
  • Fixed a bug where a broken backdrop could still cause the game to crash in some cases where the default backdrop isn’t in memory, this will matter if a broken backdrop extension is ever loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where the scale of ui elements could get too small when zoomed in.