Patch Notes

Posted On 25 Feb, 2015

This patch mostly focused on two things: Fixing space farm bugs, and adding a quick save option.

  • Station interiors can no longer be destroyed by powerful crew weapons
  • Tweaked attack speed scaling for crew weapons so that high quality weapons can still have powerful slow firing rifles
  • Space farm data structures and saving+loading+initialization redesigned from scratch to solve most of the issues space farms were having
  • Updated space farm interface slightly
  • Farming research blueprints made less common
  • Refactored player respawning code to make future changes easier without introducing as many new bugs every time I change spawning
  • Added a new function for quick saving that saves without exiting the current game
  • Redesigned the pause menu with updated button art and added quick save option
  • Changed what the escape key does in a number of screens for more consistency across all screens