Posted On 22 Feb, 2015

I’ve been making lots of small updates fixing bugs as I find them, here is a summary of a bunch of updates that were not worth posting individual patch notes.


  • Slightly nerfed vulcan cannons – increased energy per shot
  • Fixed a bug where the AI was assigning jobs to the player’s character
  • Improved ship breaking to be a little smarter about which is the “main” ship and which is a small part when there are no crew to consider
  • Ships should now share unlocks with parts that break off of them, so if you fly home with the wrong half of a ship you can still reverse engineer it
  • Broken ship shards sometimes have only part of a module and need to replace it with empty space, this is intended, but the replacement tile was using the old art which I fixed
  • Changed default tile attributes to not-repairable so that modules that can’t be repaired will not crash the game when you try to repair them
  • Fixed a very rare bug where a piece breaking off of a ship could take unpredictable damage if it was in a very specific part of the map and got hit at the exact frame it was created by another bullet
  • Fixed a crash related to loading save files where the player was dead at the time of saving
  • Updated reactor artwork with cores
  • Added a new life support module that isn’t part of a corridore
  • Finally replaced old shield generators with new art
  • Added a new large turret mount.
  • Fixed a minor ui bug with the ship interior screen relating to screen resizing
  • Overhauled the turret selection drop-down menus to support an unlimited number of future turret types instead of requiring custom code for each turret
  • Deprecated old shield emitters. They are still in the game but are no longer used, so old ships will still work but they won’t show up in the editor.
  • Deprecated old life support module as it has been replaced by the new one
  • Removed a bug that allowed the player to exit the game without saving when in the farm screen
  • Updated the design for the large pirate ship to have modern missile systems and to fix a single disconnected radiator
  • Added a few little changes to the station that won’t show up in new games yet, nothing big.
  • Fixed a possible crash when saving ships with null turrets (selecting none from logistics).
  • Fixed a bug that was introduced by the turret menu overhaul