Patch Notes

Posted On 18 Feb, 2015

The first big bug fix patch since launch adds a ton of fixes and some new sound effects. Click to read the detailed notes

  • Debug mode was left on by default when starting a new game, this has been disabled.
  • The ability to unlock your camera from your character has been restricted to only debug mode
  • Removed some unintended silly testing items from the game
  • Boost drive now has a UI element and sounds
  • Crew weaponry now have sounds
  • Drastically reduced file size and loading times of save games (surprisingly this doesn’t corrupt save game files)
  • Fixed a bug where your character could spawn inside of some rocks if you quit the game while dead
  • Fixed the storage space of the tiny storage nook
  • Added crystal spores into the loot tables of all ships
  • Fixed a bug that could crash your game if you looked at an equipped armor item after resizing the screen
  • Fixed a bug where repairing turret tracks would crash the game
  • Fixed a bug where loading a game would duplicate the current research and make it invisible
  • Fixed the artwork for small civilian spec military cruiser
  • Optimized threading around ship break updates to prevent a potential race condition
  • Added sounds to doors
  • Added a docking sound
  • Updated sound effects for multiple turrets
  • Updated missile animation and trail effect
  • Updated station layout to improve layout and waste less time walking around
  • Added some glowing text to station interior to make placeholder rooms less confusing

This patch will corrupt old save files because of the research bug fix, but new save files will benefit from better loot and better station layouts anyhow so you probably wanted to start over. Sorry about that, it is probably going to be like this for a while since a lot of game-changing things are still going in.