Alpha release date: Saturday

Posted On 11 Feb, 2015

Well, it’s about time.

Alpha goes live on Saturday Feb. 14th at: Whenever I wake up. Click for more details.

I’m looking at my todo list and everything that needed to go in before alpha is in. There are about a million things that I would like to put in, but those are things that can be patched after release and it’s about damn time we got people playing with this thing so I’m officially calling it. One way or another, unless something happens with the launcher/authenticator between now and launch day, this thing is going to go out on Saturday the 14th.  I know it’s short notice, you will just have to get hyped up in double time.

Also I’m on the west coast of the United States so many of you will have experienced a good portion of Saturday already by the time I roll my lazy butt out of bed. It can’t be helped, we just don’t get to experience daylight in California until everyone else is done with it.

What to expect:

You will be placed on a space station with no tutorial and complete freedom to get yourself killed trying to explore that various sectors of space around you. Your station is vast and incomplete, parts of it can be upgraded through resource-consuming research jobs, and other parts of it will be upgraded when we add content patches to the game in the coming months. Your station can spawn a cheap shuttle, a mining barge type ship, a general purpose armed light transport, and with a short research job you can also spawn a light warship. Other research jobs will improve your station’s capacity to spawn even bigger ships, and even more research jobs can be found hidden throughout space in the form of data chips that unlock new stuff of all types.

All the best ships and weapons are flying around in space waiting for you to take them.

Remember that while there will eventually be a main story arc, the gameplay is free-roam sandbox style exploration at the moment. For the immediate future our job as developers will be hiding cool things for you to find in that sandbox and working on world generation.

What’s coming after:

We fully expect that once people have the alpha, we will probably need to spend an entire month or two finishing polish, adding fixes, and generally responding to feedback. There are a few more elements that need to be added immediately that probably will come in as a content/fix patch soon after the initial alpha launch, and I think that just fixing and polishing will consume our time for a while. We look forward to your feedback.

Once things are more stable and we have some time between putting out fires, I have a ton of new content in the oven that we will be adding to the game such as:

  • New enemies
  • New tech
  • New exploration locations
  • New station upgrades
  • Big changes to world layout
  • Tutorial systems
  • New factions
  • New game mechanics
  • Backer reward fulfillment

Some of this is already half finished, others will need to go through the first stages of planning only after getting initial feedback from the alpha. The point is, we will warn you if a patch is going to corrupt your save files by adding new awesome things to the game world.

What you should do:

Assuming for the moment that you want to get the game in the easiest way possible once it goes live, you should make sure you registered an account at and on the day it goes live, just use your username in the existing launcher to download the game. For Kickstarter backers we have been running a script on a regular basis that activates accounts once they are created, so if you made a account that shares info with your Kickstarter account, odds are we already found you and upgraded you. Otherwise, try the launcher and see if it recognizes you. If not, send us a message over here and we’ll get it sorted out.

There are still around 400 accounts that haven’t been migrated, so we expect to be busy sorting out people’s accounts for a little while once this thing goes live. If you are one of those 400, you can check to see if your account works by typing your store account into the launcher. If everything is in order it will tell you that you are authorized.

On the other hand, if you want the slow irritating method of getting the game, just keep waiting. I plan to put together a stable build of the client in a zip and send it to backers via email. The key word here is stable. We have been testing this thing internally for a while now and I can’t for the life of me find any more bugs with it. It seems to be running great! That means if my luck is to hold, we should find about a million bugs the day you get your hands on it. Hopefully I’m just becoming pessimistic and cynical with age, but one way or another I want to be 100% sure the thing is bug free before sending out something that can’t be patched.

Yay it’s happening!