UI update

Posted On 14 Jan, 2015

I’ve just uploaded a new patch, check out the details.

Yay the holidays are over!

I mean, I had a very nice holiday season. Saw family, went to parties, moved all my stuff to a new house. There was lots of fun drama that made it hard to work and I almost went crazy from interruptions. The good news is that now everyone has gone back to work and left me alone. I have a big empty house full of nothing but caffeine and todo lists and I’ve been working on code.

First item on said list:

Design screen overhauled

This one is going to all of the clients, free client included, so you can play with it immediately while we work some more on the singleplayer game. We have completely overhauled the design screen with new UI elements for everything. Here are some of the changes:

  • New menu for selecting modules with preview images and some serious point and click action
  • New fancy looking animated buttons
  • New categories for more easily finding what you want
  • Did I mention the preview images? this gets 2 tool tips because they were kinda hard to program
  • Tool tip system completely overhauled with way more information. Tool tips now follow the mouse cursor and can show tons of information which allows you to properly compare similar modules based on their stats
  • New section for ship wide statistics, we plan to put even more stuff into this area in the future
  • New shortcut keys for faster editing: Tab or X can toggle mirror mode. Mouse wheel now controls module rotation


My personal favorite addition is the tool tips. I mean, some of these modules were so confusing before the tooltips that I didn’t realize their worth until I saw my own tool tips. Needless to say I will be balancing module stats in the future, I have done some in this patch.

Also new in this patch are some new missile modules and fixes to missile magazines and missile factories. I’ve updated the art, and also done some behind the scenes stuff that will allow different types of missiles in the future.

Anyhow, the launcher will let you play with everything so give it a try and tell me what you think.