Progress update: holiday cheer edition

Posted On 22 Dec, 2014

If you saw the Kickstarter update with interesting hats, you may have noticed that none of my hats were very festive. The holiday season fills me will eggnog, but not necessarily with cheer. I’ve been juggling a million responsibilities: taxes, revshare stuff, hunting down an email issue with the store, family get together events, holiday shopping, and highschool reunions for some reason. However life isn’t all doom and candy canes, check out what is already happening on the development front:

UI work

Check out the new interface we are working on for the design screen:


Or as you can see from the image, at this point I should say I’m working on it while Jan has moved on to the next thing already.

We will hopefully be pushing this out to the free client well before alpha goes live. The work done here is going to be very heavily reused for the UI all over the game. Tool tips for instance are going to replace the ugly orange rectangles that you currently see everywhere and should be much more information-dense in the future.


I also finally finished my system for added missile variety.


We added self-loading missile tubes to replace missile loaders which seemed like an unnecessary and confusing extra module to have, and we added art for a brand new missile factory. I also fixed a load of bugs with regards to missiles and missile ammunition so that the missile factory actually works, and I’ve added new animations to every missile launcher and missile magazine to allow you to actually see unique art for each type of missile that is currently loaded. We already have a batch of missiles planned with interesting new effects like armor penetrating missiles and maybe an EM missile that will sap energy from your target’s engines.