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Posted On 26 Mar, 2016

We’ve got the store down right now while we work to integrate steam key support. However we have also made some changes to the game code so while I wait for the next step to be ready in our store upgrade I’ve pushed out the latest changes and fixes.

Posted On 21 Mar, 2016

Me and Chris went to GDC! I didn’t exactly plan that, but it was fun. As a result this patch is a little lighter than usual. At least I got to try an HTC Vive! notes

Posted On 17 Mar, 2016

As usual after a big content release we had to fix some things right after. Here’s the list. Note it isn’t all bug fixing in there. domesticated fork

Posted On 14 Mar, 2016

The enhancements to our store are under development by a 3rd party, which means steam keys are being worked on, but for the moment it is out of my hands. With all of the business related things out of the way I have been free to spend some time working on new game features, so…