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Procedural planets

Posted On 31 Aug, 2015

Sorry guys, this next update is mostly visual improvements. Lets chat a bit about planets. – domesticated bucket

Posted On 16 Aug, 2015

Patch notes for the faction overhaul update.

Faction design rant

Posted On 12 Aug, 2015

In this rant style blog post I start by talking about the faction update and become progressively more abstract as I go. The piece ends with a soapbox rant about why hiding information from yourself is the best practice for staying sane while working on complex code. In hindsight, this rant might exist precisely because I have failed to stay sane, so take it with a grain of salt.

What’s we’re up to

Posted On 3 Aug, 2015

We released a series of bug fixes in short succession, and now we have been working a bit longer on the next one. Here’s what we are doing.