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Patch Notes

Posted On 17 Nov, 2014

Click to see the latest changes for the free client.

Kickstarter hits 210%

Posted On 13 Nov, 2014

Update: We reached our goal!   Why are you reading this? All the new info is over at the kickstarter page.  

We’re going commercial

Posted On 12 Nov, 2014

In which I announce that this project is going to start being sort of for sale soon, and I tell you exactly how that is going to happen. Hint: by for sale I mean preorder and by soon I mean pretty much immediately. …

Editor Improvements

Posted On 4 Nov, 2014

I released a few small updates to the editor which didn’t have any patch notes announcement a day or so ago, and just now I uploaded a pretty extensive upgrade. Here are all of the combined changes for versions and available for testing right now.