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Peek at ship interiors

Posted On 30 Apr, 2014
quick bash

In Zero Falls, we are going to want the player to spend a little less time designing their ship, and a little more time flying their ship. To that end we are not only working on new modules, but also new rooms and living quarters to make your ship feel less like a design schematic and more like a real space vessel. What that means is that we are making a number of changes in how ship interiors look, and how they function from a design/layout perspective.

The two big changes are how hallways and doors will be laid out, and a new system that allows modules to react to player movement and action directly.


Posted On 27 Apr, 2014

I am trying different techniques for creating backgrounds. For game purpose there should be two general types of backdrops:

  • Deep space – with distant nebulae, mostly dark background with stars
  • Nebula cores – dense nebula background (free path in nebula is around 5800 km – 3 600 miles) so parallax effect doesn´t make much sense here

Link to discussion thread is at the end of the post.

New Shaders + animations

Posted On 22 Apr, 2014
Dynamic light gif

So lets talk about art creation in Wayward Terran Frontier…

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aaaand we’re back!

Posted On 19 Apr, 2014

I saw We’re back, instead of I’m back, because the team has grown by over 200% during our bout of media silence. Specifically, I’ve been quiet because I was in contract negotiations with a talented artist type person. Everything worked out, and we’re a 2 man team now, arguably a 3 man team because I am still working very closely with Chris Kukla who is making an epic sound track for us.

Now I know what everyone’s first reaction will be. “But George, you’re such a genius, would not the project benefit from you doing all of the work yourself?” and I can understand your feelings. However, we tried that, and it sucked! So I say out with the old, and in with the new holy hell look how great everything looks all of a sudden!

Everyone please welcome Jan Orszulik to the Wayward Terran Frontier Dev team. If something around here has started to look amazing all of a sudden, it is probably his fault. I mean…have you seen the new website? I think maybe you have.

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