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A new direction

Posted On 17 Feb, 2014

So what’s the plan?

I’m working on a number of things, but right now it looks like plan B will be focusing on a singleplayer game built on the existing engine. I’m giving up multiplayer in the short term because it lets me develop at about 5x the rate, and I am going to work on publishing a complete singleplayer game experience for the first paid installation of Wayward Terran Frontier.

This will be a separate program from the existing game client. I have already researched extensively into self-publishing and I plan to accept pre-orders, and maybe even donations directly through this site.

Post KS plans

Posted On 15 Feb, 2014


Now that the funding thing is finally over I can focus on more important things, like developing a new plan that is totally less awesome, and maybe finding some help.

I have been working on a solution that will let me continue working on the project, but the scope of the first release is going to have to change drastically. If I want to do this thing without funding, something big is going to have to go, and I have put some thoughts into what that would be.

I’m not promising anything at this stage, but I have set some time aside to work things out and look into other options. News will be coming soon.