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New rant video

Posted On 17 Oct, 2013

Added some media

Posted On 15 Oct, 2013

I added some new animated gifs to the media page and cleaned things up a little. Also made a new gif to show off some of my work in progress: Docking animations

Small Progress Update

Posted On 10 Oct, 2013

Today I was debugging the server code and something magical happened. I connected to the server, logged in with my credentials, selected my ship, and entered the game world, and I did stuff. To my horror, at no point did the game crash or throw an exception. I did stuff…Stuff was done!

This is one of my favorite rants, and I have ranted it many times before in more private venues.

Playing games for enjoyment is a very strange, complex human behavior because it doesn’t really seem to benefit us in a purely evolutionary-fitness sort of a way. Yet we enjoy it so much. There is plenty of discussion about what makes games enjoyable, and what keeps people coming back and playing a game over and over again. I’ve been refining my theories on the subject for a long time and the strongest conclusion I’ve made is that gamers are bad at guessing what will make them enjoy a game.