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Infinite Maps

Posted On 22 Aug, 2013

If you were to look at the project bio, or watch any of my videos, or read any of my other blog posts you would have gotten the impression that this game was about exploration. So what is there to explore anyhow? Until now the game has been an empty room with a backdrop where you can spawn some stuff.

Well, lately I have been hard at work fixing that problem by constructing an infinitely large map.

Of course, like all the other games that boast infinite procedural maps Wayward Terran Frontier won’t technically have an infinite map. What I am building instead is an almost-to-scale map of a full galaxy. It will be around the same size as the Milky Way. So while the map may very well be finite, I don’t expect anyone to ever use all of it. You will definitely not run out of places to go.

I’ll address some of the finer points below.