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Ultra-Hard networking stuff done: 2/3

Posted On 24 Jun, 2013

I got home from work Friday afternoon, had a coffee, and busted my butt until around 1AM Monday morning working on networking stuff all weekend. Now it is 11:30 PM Monday evening, I have been coding since I got off work and I am proud to say that I have finished the ship swapping code entirely (aside from bug fixing). It is now possible to move from your current ship to any other ship at any time regardless of where that ship is hosted or how many players are already in that ship. Currently the maximum number of crew in a single ship is 255, limited quite arbitrarily by the data size of the crew’s unique id. That number is the same if the crew are AI controlled or player controlled. I could make that number bigger if I wanted, but I have a feeling that testing will reveal I need to make it smaller in the future. Of course, joining someone’s crew doesn’t do much at the moment. Aside from the initial setup and handshakes none of the data is synchronizing yet. I have plans and data structures laid out to make it happen, it will just take time to serialize all the little moving parts over the network. Speaking of time, it sure will be nice when I can start coding before 5pm on week days.

Protected: Progress Update

Posted On 11 Jun, 2013

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Opps, multiplayer was disabled

Posted On 1 Jun, 2013

Just realized that I had disabled multiplayer connections in the previous build for testing purposes. Few lines of code later and it should be working again. I have also tested and fixed a few multiplayer bugs, so if you were hoping to test out multiplayer, it is available now in version