Release | Wayward Terran Frontier


Posted On 5 Nov, 2016

Here it is in its full glory. Patch is live, notes are inside. change list

Posted On 8 Aug, 2016

It’s finally here. It fixes some core stability issues and adds a ton of new places for bugs to hide. Debugging Zero Falls now requires a basic understanding of economics. Come read about all the new features and gameplay in Zero Falls version, or if you just love bullet point lists, we’ve got a lot of them for you.

Steam Keys are live

Posted On 21 Apr, 2016

If you have been waiting to redeem your steam key, you can now head over to the store and redeem it. domesticated fork

Posted On 14 Mar, 2016

The enhancements to our store are under development by a 3rd party, which means steam keys are being worked on, but for the moment it is out of my hands. With all of the business related things out of the way I have been free to spend some time working on new game features, so…