Rant | Wayward Terran Frontier


Resolving future plans

Posted On 18 May, 2013

I have updated the about page with some of the recent decisions I have made. The wall of text there should now give a good impression of my long term goals for the project as well as some details about how I am hoping to monetize the game. The releases of course will be iterative, and you can probably expect to wait a while before a playable version of the dedicated server is available. In the mean time I will continue adding features to the client. In other news, I spent a lot of time just playing the game and fixing bugs as part of an effort to prepare some publicity. The latest patch is the most stable it has ever been, and there are lots of new screen shots in the media section. Most importantly, I feel like the client is finally presentable enough to face public criticism, and I am looking into setting up a public download link. Also check out the IndieDB page I set up: http://www.indiedb.com/games/wayward-terran-frontier It comes with this cool icon, and I’m not entirely sure what the numbers mean yet but I think it’s some sort of popularity contest. Also I seem to be losing! yay!

Progress and Pseudo-Science

Posted On 1 Mar, 2013

Game updates have been slow over the last few weeks because I am digging into some dedicated server code and theory. I have been working on authentication and databases and protocols, but at the same time I have been forced to actually think about some of the ways that the persistent game world will work. Here are some of my thoughts so far: